I've Been Acquitted

Lucid’s Biography

Lucid was raised in a Hindu family. Growing up, he never had much of a relationship with his father and mother. He would constantly witness his parents arguing and was abused by his father multiple times, so it caused him to hate his father. The things he was dealing with at home every day caused him to slip into depression and eventually led to a suicide attempt at the age of 7. He put a loaded gun to his head and pulled the trigger, but it was jammed. Looking back at that experience, he realizes that that was God protecting him before he came to know Him.

As Lucid continued to grow up, he distanced himself from his family and had a hard time showing his emotions. He was also bullied in school by peers who would holler racial slurs at him. He eventually grew to hate those kids and wanted to hurt them for the things that they said to him. When he reached the age of 10, he began to rap to express his feelings. He didn’t take it seriously at such a young age, but started getting good at it by the end of end of  middle school. During his 8th grade year, Lucid started hanging out with drug dealers and gang-members who were always there for him. It seemed to him that those were the only people that understood his pain, they became his new familythey became his new family. Eventually, he began dealing drugs and smoking weed with his new friends. During this time, he continued to sink into depression and began to cut himself.


Near the end of his 8th grade year, Lucid was threatened by another student at school. He decided to bring a pocket knife to school the next day to protect himself for when he walked home after school. That same day, the administrator and a police officer at the school caught him with the knife. They expelled him from the school, but allowed him to take his final exams in order to continue on to high school. During the summer, Lucid continued to have issues with that student. It led to him giving that student a warning. Later on, the student’s mom got the police involved. By the grace of God, Lucid was not arrested because the student’s mom decided not to press charges on him. The stress and depression also forced him to make his second suicide attempt one night. As he sat in the bathroom, he was cutting himself and began to cry. He cried out, “God, if you are really there, please take away all this pain.” Soon after, he felt a sudden peace and put his knife down. A while ago, he took a Bible out of a motel room for no known reason and let it sit in his room. That night, it felt as if the Bible was calling him to read it, so he began to read the Bible every day until he finished the book. During this time, he did not officially commit his life to Christ.

During his freshman year, Lucid was continuing to deal drugs. He also decided to take his music seriously by starting to go to a recording studio. He began to post his music on Facebook and began to build  local fan base. In his sophomore year, he was playing basketball with a friend at a local church, where the pastor approached him. The two began to have a discussion about Jesus Christ, and the pastor invited him to attend his Sunday service if he would like to learn more. That following Sunday, Lucid attended the church service and realized the sinful lifestyle he was living. He began to cry at the end of the service and prayed with the pastor. He committed himself to Christ and was baptized on April 29, 2012.

Ever since that day, Lucid has decided to commit his entire life to Christ, including his music. He got rid of all his secular music and started rapping for the Lord. He wants to help those who deal with the same pain that he has felt and he wants to show them that there is a way out.

A few years later, Lucid met Emye at an urban Christian event held in his hometown, Daytona Beach, Florida. About a week later, Lucid met him again at the local college that he was attending. Eventually, the two became close friends. Lucid had stopped making music for over a year, but when he decided to start rapping again, Emye was by his side for support. After Emye released his debut EP, I’ve Been Acquitted, him and Lucid decided to form a collaboration album titled, Take Two. The two are currently working on this project together and it also serves as a debut release introducing Lucid alongside the Prestine Records family,




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